The Problem


Executives live in a world increasingly dominated by speed, technology, metrics, multitasking, and complexity, as well as being constantly available to everyone they serve. As a result, many executives struggle to be fully present during the work day because they are driven by an incessant flow of reactive thoughts and emotions.

As pressure mounts, the end result of this growing stress is lack of effectiveness as a leader, and reduced results for your organization.

That's where ESI comes in.

The Program


ESI has designed a non-profit program to unplug, reset, and restart the executive as a leader. Participants will get to know more about themselves through working and interacting with other like-minded executives in service-oriented projects within a challenged American community.

Relationship-based community service gives you the opportunity to better understand the needs of others while you help those in need. This re-grounding provides a reflection in the mirror that overbooked executives don’t typically see.

Vacant downtown storefront in the county seat, Welch, West Virginia

The ESI Difference


The ESI experience is different than other community service programs because it accomplishes more than the traditional community service experience: It’s a unique voluntary service AND a personal development experience that is complete with programmed discussion and learning, all of which help you to be present and self-aware in the moment – not just in the community you’re serving, but also with yourself.

ESI connects corporate giving with service work, leadership development and reduction of executive stress in a way that has a resounding impact on the overall executive team dynamic. While many companies do some or all of these things very well, ESI can connect these elements in a manner that is very attractive to leaders who are seeking a way to create more systemic alignment of strategy, philanthropy, and talent development.

The challenges will be real, as will the interactions with other executives and people in the community. ESI staff will provide a curated and safe environment to do good for all, have fun, and learn.

You will be pushed outside your comfort zone and challenged in new and different ways, changing the lives of others, but most of all, changing yourself.

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